Life in the fast lane

If driving is your passion then top of your Christmas list this year should a driving day experience. Make it your mission to drive as many different vehicles as you can before they all become driverless! Here are just a few ideas of things you can get behind the wheel of:

Monster Trucks – fancy going supersize? Then drive off in one of these colossal machines in many locations around the country. You can even have a go in Optimus Prime. If you’re not too sure then there is always the passenger ride option which looks just as fun.

Drifting – highly trained instructors will teach you how to become a Drift King and put your skills to the test as you burn some rubber.

Circus Cars – this is one for the wacky people out there and includes a day of driving double deckers and crazy clown controlled cars. The ringmaster will be scoring you so it makes for some competitive craziness.

Tank Driving – now this sounds like a tank load of fun. Let’s play soldiers for a day and get to grips controlling these magnificent vehicles. You can go head to head in an epic paintball battle or just try to maneuver the beasts over tricky courses. For Tank driving activities, visit


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Grand Prix Karting – they might be smaller but can still pack a punch. Grab your mates and enjoy a day of high-octane, adrenaline fuelled racing.

Hovercrafting – take to the water in this unique experience which has been compared to driving on ice. The high pressure air cushion allows you to glide on water, grass, mud and even tarmac so don’t worry too much if you end up in the car park!

Segway – OK so not strictly getting behind a wheel but still a fun day out nevertheless. These responsive machines whizz around beautiful countryside locations and along with some Segway games, you’ll be a pro in no time.

Stunt Driving – it’s not safe and it’s not legal which is why it is so much fun and takes place in a safe environment with highly trained professionals. Car chases from films and incredible stunts can all be learned and practiced on this experience.

Motorbikes – not forgetting our two-wheeled counterparts, there are some great off road biking trails to choose from. Get used to different types of bikes and challenging off-road terrains for a really exhilarating day of riding.