Laptop or PC: Choosing a Lifestyle

Until recently, if you were going to buy a new computer and had to choose between a laptop and a PC, the decision was simple. The dilemma of a laptop or PC was usually resolved by pondering whether mobility or performance was more important to you. Often, students and remote employees chose laptops, while players and designers opted for PCs.

Fortunately, computer technology has come a long way since those days when laptops came with a short battery life and PCs came with uncomfortable hard disks and a tangle of cables. At present, when you choose a new computer, you can really take your needs into account.

Laptop or PC: more options like never before

If you enjoy the wireless mobility and touch screen functions of a laptop to stay connected and quickly navigate your favorite sites while having coffee in your neighborhood coffee shop, the Intel-inspired Ultrabook system could be the new class Computer that fits your mobile lifestyle.

For those who enjoy an almost cinematic quality experience while watching their favorite HD movies, the all- new all-in-one PC is a stylish alternative to the traditional home computer. It is the popular choice for families who love to get together in their free time to play online and listen to music.

Laptop or Ultrabook

Advances in Intel Core processors, battery life, and displays have greatly improved the performance capabilities of laptops. Multitasking-for example, you want to stay connected to your social networks while preparing a report for school or work-is faster and more efficient than ever.

To take advantage of the great combination of a laptop with the functions of a tablet, touch screen technology and a wide range of screens ranging from sliders to double-sided, look at the Ultrabook system   convertible.

Laptops and Ultrabook systems with Intel Core processors incorporate:

Intel Smart Connect Technology To stay up to date with email and social networks,

The Intel Rapid Start 3 technology so you reactivate the system in less than seven seconds,

Intel 4 anti-theft technology to disable laptop or Ultrabook   in case of loss or theft,

Intel Identity Protection 5 technology to protect your identity while interacting on social networks and using the Internet.

PC or PC all in one

Thanks to a new PC design, the computer leaves the home office to take its place in the living room. The wireless function and the option of a 27-inch wall-mount display make the all-in-one PC a popular choice among families who want less cable clutter and simple elegance. The result is more performance.

Everyone from professional gamers to parents who enjoy broadcasting their favorite shows for the whole family will appreciate the advanced performance of Intel® Core ™ processors on both PCs and all-in-one PCs.

Choose the option that fits your needs

Today, the choice between a laptop and a PC is more than just a comparison of products. It is more about knowing your lifestyle. Then, take a moment and think about all the work, entertainment and social networking activities for which you use the computer and you will be prepared to find the device that suits your lifestyle.