Incredible Cardiff

Cardiff is one of the fastest cities in the UK and has changed significantly over the last 30 years thanks to regeneration projects and clever use of marketing and tourism. Cardiff is now a dynamic city attracting businesses, media, sports and tourists and has a lifestyle set to match those experienced in top class cities in Europe.

Both private and public sector money has been invested into Cardiff and the city can also boast excellent academic institutions in it’s range of universities that attract thousands of students into the area every year. Students make up 12% of the entire population of the city and so there is much reason to invest here. There are four institutions and so higher education is a big revenue earner for Cardiff. Cardiff University is one of the Russell Group of universities which means it is highly respected and sought after and is ranked among Britain’s leading academic institutions. This is why the city has attracted consistent investment in recent years.

Investors in property have been flocking to Cardiff and the city is ranked next to London, Oxford and Manchester in terms of investment in student accommodation. There is considerable demand for high quality student housing as less than 10% of the housing stock is purpose built student accommodation.

There has been massive regeneration in the city centre with world-class venues being built such as the Millennium Stadium (now the Principality Stadium) and the new Welsh Assembly building in the bay area. There is ongoing development planned for the reshaping of the city centre with modern urban design which is set for completion in 2018. It is the biggest plan ever seen in Wales including construction of the tallest building in the country, a new transport hub and office, retail and residential complex. There is clearly a lot of faith and excitement in Cardiff right now. For a Cardiff web designer, visit

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The new complex will also include the construction of a £120 million headquarters for the BBC. The development hopes to create 1,900 full time jobs during the course of the next decade. The population is set to increase as well with many students graduating from the universities here and deciding to stay due to the continued growth and opportunity the city has to offer. Cardiff has styled itself as an innovative and creative hub for similar minded industries and the growth of such creative industry now mirrors that of London and Salford for media centres. BBC Wales will continue to be based here and shows such as Doctor Who and Casualty are filmed here in ultra modern filming facilities.

The city attracts tourists to the Doctor Who Experience in the bay and Cardiff Castle is firmly on the tourist map. The Principality Stadium draws in sports spectators, fans and also concert-goers who come for the huge live music events that are also staged here. There has never been a better time to invest in the city as it goes from strength to strength. From the dilapidation of the 1980’s, we now see a modern European capital with as much to offer as the other big capitals.