How to transport goods safely in your rental van

Most people who rent a van do so with the intention of shifting heavy items from A to B; however, unless you have experience in loading an LCV, you might be prone to making some common mistakes.

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Here are some much-needed tips on how you can transport goods safely and securely in a rental van without putting yourself or other road users at risk.

Go big or go home

It might seem obvious, but it is better to load a van with the largest objects first before moving on to any smaller items you might need to take with you. This will not only keep the more fragile objects out of harm’s way but also ensure that the load is more evenly distributed and that the centre of gravity remains low.

Stay protected

Depending on the type of van you rent, you will have access to different levels of protection in the cab. If you are hauling very heavy loads, it makes sense to opt for an LCV that comes with a built-in bulkhead so that objects cannot cause havoc if they get loose during transit.

Rental companies such as that provide van hire in Gloucester will be able to advise you about the types of vehicle that are available and the bulkhead configurations they offer. A full-height steel bulkhead offers the best protection, but smaller models will come with mesh or net alternatives that are also suitable.

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Get lashed

Vans are built to keep heavy items secure, with internal lashing points enabling you to restrain goods and equipment so that it does not slide around unexpectedly.

In addition to using these lashing points where possible, it is useful to provide protection for items by covering them with blankets. This will round off any sharp edges and create a small but significant barrier to preserve their integrity.

Drive sensibly

The final rule for safe van use is to think about how you are driving and remember that a calm, considered approach is best when transporting a heavy load.

Modern vans are more eco-friendly and efficient than ever, producing lower carbon emissions and returning more miles per gallon. If you drive sensibly, you will save money on fuel.

Stay safe by thinking ahead, taking corners carefully, and loading a van within its safe working limits.