How To Plan Your Wedding

Whether you are the sort of person who has dreamed of an elaborate Princess style wedding or the type who is not too concerned and is happy with low-key and intimate, you still have to follow the same process of planning your wedding. It doesn’t have to be a daunting task, read through these top- tips to make the run up to your wedding day a smooth one, whatever you decide to do.

  • Budget: The first thing to do is jot down all the things that are important to you. This will help you set out a realistic budget. If you really want the extended family and all your friends and neighbors there or if you prefer just immediate family and close friends, this will all have an impact on where the bulk of your budget goes. Other things to take into consideration are the costs attached to a photographer, catering, DJ/Band, flowers right down to the smaller things like a guestbook and stamps for the invitations. The small things soon add up.
  • Venue: Once you have decided what sort of wedding you want you can then decide upon a venue. Whether it is a luxury country hotel, Place of Worship, Beach or Registry Office, the choice of venue is up to you. Obviously, they all incur a cost of some sort but remember they do need to be big enough to accommodate your wedding party. Also, take into account how long you want your reception to last; will there be an evening reception? Or is it a simple drinks reception after the ceremony? Make sure it is clear on the invitations so guests aren’t left confused.
  • Details: Transport, Dress, Accessories, Suits, Bridesmaids, photographer. These are all the important details that need to be addressed will you need transport for guests? Is the reception venue nearby? A wedding organizer will help you keep track of your budget and for writing out comparisons for suppliers as well as a reminder to do certain tasks. Decide if you want bridesmaids and a best man – they aren’t compulsory; however, they can make organizing the day a lot easier.
  • Decide on a theme and colors, does it suit the venue? From here you can work out what style of dress you want and what your attendants will wear. Flowers and table decorations all need to fall in with the chosen theme or your day will end up looking untidy and mismatched.
  • If you having a wedding abroad or somewhere that requires the majority of your guests to travel then you need to send out the invitations well enough in advance. This will allow people to make the necessary travel & accommodation arrangements, ‘Save the Date’ cards are a popular way of notifying your guests of your plans and can be sent out as early as 9 months before the big day.
  • Remembering to thank the people who helped you is a pivotal part of the day too. This can be done either before the ceremony or as part of the speeches. For example, a well thought out bridesmaid gift or best man gift will be hugely appreciated by them and a nice way of showing gratitude for their help. A well-prepared speech will help you remember to mention everybody who has contributed to your special day in some way or other. During the preparation stages, just jot down the names of people who have helped in your wedding organizer.