How to Make the Most of your Home whilst the Country is on Lockdown

When it comes to spring cleaning, there has never been an opportunity to clear out and de-clutter. With most of the country off work, the world on lockdown and holidays cancelled for the foreseeable future, what else is there to do? So here are a few ways to make your house a better place to spend time – and let’s face it we are all going to be spending most of our lives at home for a while!

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Plan out big projects – If you have a big project that you are wanting to get around to, this is the ideal time to plan it. Especially if they are outdoor tasks such as paining the outside of your house, get on with it now whilst the weather is good. Maybe you are planning an extension, or some new windows for winter from Worcester double glazing company or even some time spent doing up the garden to sit in during those long summer days.

Sort out what you don’t really need – Now is the ideal time to have a big clear out. Most of us have a lot of stuff that we don’t need and with our busy lives it can be a struggle to find the time to sort it all out. There are some great tips to help with tidying up the book the Organised mum method is a great book to help you sort out your home, as is the Netflix show, tidying up with Marie Kondo.

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Start a Creative Project – If you have always fancied learning a new skill, now is the time. Learn to make your own soft furnishings to put your own stamp on your home, or create some fantastic personalised wall art.