How to Layer Your Maxi Dress and Other Style Tips

The maxi dress is one of the most popular dresses today. Whether it is their ability to be dressed up or down or the fact that they can be worn during autumn, summer or spring, they never fail to make an appearance in fashion magazines each and every year.

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The maxi dress is flattering for women of any size or shape, with a variety of fabrics, cuts and colours available to suit your taste.

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However, it can be a challenge knowing how to layer maxi dresses or to style them in different ways to stand out from the crowd. Here is our guide on how to layer your maxi dress along with other style tips to help you get creative with this wardrobe staple.

How to Layer

The beauty of the maxi dress is that it can be worn in all weather and at any time of year. You could add a trench coat, bomber or light denim jacket to your dress to suit the season, or for a unique look, try adding a light jumper or t-shirt.

Layering ensures your maxi dress remains fresh and stylish and is key during the unpredictable British weather. Browse through maxi dresses to find your perfect dress for any occasion.


Dress up maxi dresses by adding one, or a layer of, necklaces or bracelets and a stylish watch or earrings for a seriously glamorous vibe. Complete your look with stylish sunglasses and your favourite clutch bag and a fedora or floppy hat during the summer months. The key to accessorising your maxi dress is to try different looks and not be afraid to mix it up!

A favourite among celebrities, this is one dress your wardrobe cannot afford to be without.

Wedges and Heels

Forget the flip-flops this summer and opt for an elegant pair of wedges or cute summery heels.

Not only will this add a sophisticated and polished touch to your maxi dress, it will also add a flattering height to your silhouette.


Trainers may seem an odd style choice for a maxi dress, but this look can be seen across the Instagram pages of many must-follow fashionistas.

Add a relaxed vibe to your maxi and choose a pair of clean, sleek and stylish trainers for the ultimate comfortable outfit in any season.