How to have a stress-free morning

Are your weekday mornings a chaotic nightmare? When you’ve only got a short time to get everyone ready and out the door, every second counts during the morning rush. Do you often find that you have no time to eat breakfast or suffering from constant lateness no matter how hard you try? Then you need a solid morning routine to put you back in control.

By having a consistent routine, you’ll be getting everyone ready without even thinking about it and the morning rush will begin to go much smoother and not so rushed. You might even be able to set your alarm for a few minutes later each morning and enjoy breakfast for a change! Here are some handy tips for getting those mornings a bit more organised and manageable:

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The Night Before

Whilst nobody wants to give up precious time in the evenings, you’ll find that a smooth morning routine begins with a little clever prep the night before. A bit of strategic planning before going to bed will help you massively. Pack the following day’s lunches and store in the fridge overnight. Make sure all the dishes are washed and counters wiped so it’s not left for the morning. You can even prepare tomorrow’s breakfast so it’s ready to go when you get up. Think about showering before going to bed to save you time in the morning. Have your next day’s outfit ready and laid out. Everything you do in the evening is something less to worry about when you’re rushed in the morning.

Bathroom Organisation

Arranging your bathroom in a more efficient way can speed up your morning routine. By having everything you need quickly to hand saves time hunting around for things when you’re still half asleep. Bathroom storage is the key to having all your products neatly and conveniently stored within easy reach. If you need to rethink your storage and shelving needs, consider the range of Bathrooms Northern Ireland from

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Hair Time

For us ladies, morning routines are often dominated by the need to do our hair. Instead of feeling the need to wash, dry and straighten hair every morning, why not consider using dry shampoo that can be quickly applied to style hair in the mornings. If things really are super-manic in the mornings, you might even consider swapping your hairstyle for one you can simply wash and go. Ask your hairdresser about easy, low maintenance styles and have some emergency styles you can use quickly, such as buns and ponytails if you have long hair.

Shower Timer

For those who don’t want to shower the night before, a shower timer can be a useful gadget. If a shower is your way to fully waken but it’s too easy to lose track of time, a shower timer can be set to any number of minutes, is waterproof and will let you know when it’s time to get out and dry off.