How to create a winning atmosphere in your retail store

In order to entice people into your store to spend money and ensure they return again and again, it is critical that you create an inviting atmosphere. A little time and effort will turn your little corner of the retail industry into a space that people look forward to visiting.

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An added bonus is that this will also make your store a more enjoyable place in which to work, which means happier, more enthusiastic employees. It’s also good for your workers!


Step one is to ensure your shop has its own, distinct personality. It is this unique style that will set it apart from others. One way to establish this is to consider what sort of customers you are hoping to attract. Would they appreciate background music and muted tones or something altogether louder and brighter? You will need to bring in fixtures and fittings that create the backdrop for this new image. Choose modern, sleek items for an upscale ambience or vintage pieces for more of a shabby chic, trendy feel.

The Little Things

The finishing touches will gel everything together and complete the look and feel you are trying to achieve. If you really want to create an individual atmosphere it is important to seek out options that are completely unique instead of going for anything too generic. This comes down to even the smallest details, such as price tags, signage and shelf labels.

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If you do choose to play music in your shop, be careful to choose the right playlists. Never play it overly loudly, and stick to something your ideal customer will approve of rather than trying to appeal to all tastes. For example, you might choose indie tunes and chart music for the younger demographic or soft rock and jazz for older clientele. Check out music for business at sites like


The final piece of the puzzle is the employees. It pays not to overlook the people you are trusting to provide the face of your company. They need to be courteous and professional and wear clothes that reflect the style and atmosphere of the store. Although it may feel overbearing to insist that they wear uniforms, a general dress code is important to ensure they do not clash with the shop or each other.