How to choose the right office fit-out company

Part of a facilities manager’s crucial role is making sure that buildings meet the needs of the people inside. When an office requires refurbishment or refit, it is the job of the facilities manager to arrange the process, including planning the best allocation and utilisation of space, project managing, supervising, and coordinating the work of contractors.

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Even in tough economic times, businesses place importance on the working environment. Recent studies suggest the average person in the UK will spend 3,507 days at work, including 204 days of overtime in their lifetime. With so much of our time spent in the office, the look of an office and how comfortable and functional it is for the employees working in it is an important factor for businesses to consider from an HR point of view.

Providing an attractive and practical working environment for employees can play a part in attracting and retaining workers and increase productivity. Therefore, businesses should carefully consider any office refit and ensure they choose the right company to plan, design and carry out the refit.

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Working together

It is vital to ensure that the office space meets the needs of both the organisation and its employees. There are numerous office fit out companies that can provide a refit service, but it is important to choose a company that will work closely with the facilities manager to ensure the refit suits the needs of the organisation. A company providing an innovative interior design is great, but what is really needed is clear communication so any design is based on the complex requirements of the business and employees.

Team Work

For a successful office fit out, use a company with a full team that can deliver a great all-round service. A comprehensive team will include surveyors, designers, and project managers. There are many reputable companies, such as Mobius at work, who are able to provide a highly trained team who can work together to provide an exceptional refit or refurbishment


The design may be great but it is important to ensure the finished project is up to scratch and isn’t let down by the details. The right office fit out company will have strong relationships with reputable office furniture firms so that a high-quality and contemporary finish can be achieved.