How to Choose the Most Suitable Lawnmower

As spring finally arrives, your lawn will need some much-needed tending to after a punishing winter. With so many options available on the market, choosing a lawnmower can often be a confusing decision to make. Your selection will most likely be based on three factors: the number of obstacles in your lawn, such as trees, the size of the lawn and the level of terrain.

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Push Mowers

Perfect for smaller lawns, push mowers are a great eco-friendly and low-maintenance option. As a manual reel mower, it must be pushed relatively fast to activate the blades, but as it has no engine it can be easily stored vertically. As the average garden in the UK is 14 square metres, this could be the ideal option for your lawn.

Walk-Behind Mowers

Available in many different options, powered walk-behind lawn mowers have been a favourite for decades. With adequate care, powered motors can cut through miles of lawn and run for years – just ensure you measure your garden’s dimensions, including shed doors or garden gates, and consider manoeuvrability before buying.

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Electric or Petrol

Petrol mowers tend to offer more power and have a longer runtime than electric ones, but can create a mess and require maintenance. Electric mowers are cordless or corded and are cleaner to operate but are limited by cord length, which can also be a nuisance to dodge when mowing.

Self-Propelled or Pushed

All-wheel self-propelled mowers offer the most assistance when cutting the grass on inclines and make the chore of cutting grass much easier and faster. However, they can often be heavier and harder to manoeuvre.

Cutting Type

Walk-behind lawn mowers organise grass clippings by mulching, bagging or by side discharge. Side discharge will distribute the grass clippings back on the lawn, mulching breaks the grass down and bagging collects the grass into a bag which can be disposed of.

Ride-on Mowers

If you have a very large lawn, ride-on mowers are a big step-up and go beyond the walk-behind mower. Ride-on mowers cut down the time it takes to mow a lawn significantly with powerful engines, whilst lawn tractors can be hooked up with attachments such as aerators or spreaders to really make gardening a breeze.