How Long Should an Elegant Evening Dress Be?

Getting It Right

There is a myriad of choices when it comes to elegant evening dresses, but there are pitfalls along the way. We look here at the dos and don’ts of long evening gowns.

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The ideal floor length is difficult to achieve. Too long and you run the risk of tripping; too short and you might look ungainly. The perfect length showcases the rest of the dress. If the length isn’t right, it distracts from the dress and its wearer. The right length of dress creates a feeling of ease for the viewer and the person wearing it.

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When you’re not worried about your dress, you can focus on the party and have fun. This is a sign that you have got your fashion decision right.

Touching the Floor

The traditional long gown just grazes the floor, so your shoes should not be seen when you’re standing still. The length ought to be identical all the way round the gown.

Floor Length

This type of dress is best reserved for Cinderella-style moments like your wedding, black-tie galas and the Oscars. The material should just skim the floor where you’re standing or have a sexy small train at the back.

If you choose maxi dresses, this is an easy length to wear. You might like the style of maxi dresses from AX Paris.

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Just Above the Floor

A modern, practical reinvention of the floor-length gown sees the hem sitting just above the ground. Some designers leave as much as a couple of inches between the floor and the dress. At this length, your shoes will be hardly seen.

Tea Length

A tea length gown sits three or four inches below your knee and makes a practical evening alternative to the full floor-length dress. This is a neat evening look, and the hemline length looks fantastic on bridesmaids.

The Bottom Line

Think about the destination for the dress when you are deciding where the hem might sit in relation to the floor. If you will be walking up stairs or outdoors, it might be best to have the dress fall just a little above the floor. But indoors, an elegant floor-length dress will stun observers and makes the ultimate fashion statement.