How Going On A Heliskiing Adventure Will Change Your Perspective

Experience the unique thrill of zipping over powdery snow, with a heliskiing adventure. You’ll be ferried to fresh, virgin slopes of untracked powder in your own helicopter. It’s impossible not to feel awe and wonder as you breathe the sharp mountain air. There’s really nothing quite like being flown over towering peaks of breath-taking scenery by an expert pilot. So sit back and enjoy the flight, or pay attention to your guide and pilot as they expertly point out all kinds of wondrous sites in the mountains. Before you know it, you’ll all be at the top of a ski run, looking down upon the inviting run of unmarked snow. This is heliskiing in BC at its best.

It’s a unique and unforgettable journey that you and your companions will be entering. Just imagine, a heliskiing trip of discovery, seeing craggy glaciers and shaded pine trees dotted across the run. And when you do start carving through the two feet of fresh powder, there’ll be a shock to your system as you feel your skis kick up the powder. There’s a mystique to powder skiing that has to be experienced to be understood. Take wide curves and feel the powder flying into your face and hair.

It’s hard to believe that you may only be minutes away from some crowded ski slope, full of beginners and intermediate skiers lining up to climb onto a ski lift. You have no such feelings of frustration, or wasted minutes waiting for a ski lift. Instead, what you have is a drunken sense of freedom as you carve across gently contoured land and make fresh marks in the clean, powdery snow. You have time to look round the wide-open country at the vista of alpine scenery. Once you’ve tried heliskiing, you’ll never be happy with anything less.

There are many heliski runs to try, as your helicopter quickly carries you and your companions to another run. There are steep slopes with gentle, rolling contours. There are shallow runs, dotted with glades of trees, perfect for etching new lines from your ski or snowboard. All of the heliskiruns will be clearly pointed out by your guide or pilot, as you hover over stunning, snow covered terrain. The deep blue sky and the glacial peaks make heliskiing in BC an icy dream of a lifetime.

Above all, there’s a sense of freedom and heart accelerating adrenalin that shocks the body of anyone on board the helicopter. That and the freezing air, brings you to a height of awareness that can only be found in heliskiing. You’ll literally be tapping the helicopter with irresistible excitement as it climbs high up into the mountains. And why not? You’re with friends and about to drop down into fresh powder. Yours will be the first skis to mark that run since the snow fell there. And your small group will have access to gems of skiing that no chair lift can reach. You’ll be able to test your limits and spur yourself onward, as the powder flies past your speeding body. Your heliskiing trip information is just a quick google search away. Start researching now and change your perspective by embarking on a heliskiing trip of discovery.