How essential oils can benefit your pets

If you’ve ever had a massage with essential oils, such as lavender, ylang ylang or sandalwood, you will know how relaxing it is, and many people enjoy recreating this experience at home using bath and skin products, air diffusers and oil burners, but are these only for humans to enjoy?

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The answer is: no! Nowadays, pet parents are very keen to share the brain-boosting and body-healing properties of essential oils with their furry companions.

Ways to use essential oils

Some animals can take the direct application of oils, so ask your vet whether this is the case for your pet. Popular ways to share essential oils with pets include:

•       Oil spray diffusers. But always provide an exit route for pets
•       Water diffuser. This is safer to use in closed rooms than oil spray diffusers as the oil is diluted. However, avoid using it near your pet’s food
•       Spritzing. A great option for birds or for a furry pet’s bedding
•       Directly onto skin or dropped into food (but seek advice from your vet first).

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How can essential oils help pets?

Pets with either physical problems (such as arthritis) or emotional issues (such as a fear of noise, aggressive responses, general anxiety, fear of other animals or depression when left alone) can be successfully helped with essential oils. There are many oils and blends to play with when addressing physical problems, including peppermint and lemon for allergies, while natural remedies from stores such as can be invaluable for providing itchy dogs with some much-needed relief.

General health maintenance

Pets don’t need to have a specific condition to benefit from essential oils, as they can be used to boost pets’ general health and immune system.

Exercise caution

Pet parents without training in essential oils should always consult an expert, consider taking a course, and do plenty of research before administering any kind of essential oil to their pet.

Oils should be high grade rather than designed for cosmetic use, and some oils are unsuitable for use with certain animals, or those with particular health conditions. Cats can find many substances toxic, so double-check before using any product around them that may contain problematic oils.

There’s no doubt that essential oils can be beneficial to pets – just be sure to tread carefully and use them safely.