How can branding benefit your business

A company’s branding is key to its recognition and reputation and in this article we take a look at the benefits effective branding can bring to your business.

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Face it

A brand is the face of a business and this includes a company’s name, logo and the colours it uses. Whether you are using a branding agency Gloucestershire or Lincolnshire, bear in mind that good advice about what branding actually is will also incorporate non-visual elements too such as a company’s personality and tone of voice. It’s a big job!

It’s not just about image

How customers perceive a company is vital – its brand image. Making sure a brand is perceived as a reflection of what a company does is the best outcome. However, if the reflection isn’t what customers actually receive, there is work to be done!

Reach out

Of course, people interpret brands very differently and in order to mean something to a wide audience, experienced designers will research the customer base and associations. This article in Forbes discusses what successful brands have in common for you to consider. It’s a useful exercise to test a brand design – companies such as employ such an approach as it helps to understand how it is being perceived and whether it is doing what a company wants it to do. Too much scope for interpretation is not a good thing when it comes to brand identity.

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In the eye of the beholder

How people see a brand is based on a number of elements including images, colours and fonts as well as the tone behind the text. People have associations with all of the above and come to a conclusion based on their own experience. So, for example, a dark, linear and strong logo might make some people think of a financial institution; a colourful cartoon style one may have associations with a children’s charity or pre-school.

Keep your champions on your side

Employees are the backbone of any organisation and can, as such, champion your organisation to the outside world and, importantly, your brand. It, therefore, goes without saying that an organisation’s culture and how it treats its staff is all part of the process.

Get it right and your brand will help your company grow and develop into a successful one.