How Animation Improves the User Experience

Animation’s evolution from superficial entertainment to an integral element of the design process forms a critical part of any successful business’s conversion rate. We know what we like and what we don’t when it comes to animation. Designers have recognised this and adapted their process. The results are remarkable. Here are five elements of animation design process that improves a user’s experience.

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1. Functional

Web design has become “human-centred”, which means the design process factors in the quality of a user’s experience. And rightly so. A positive user experience means more conversions. Functional animation grounds and concentrates the user’s experience into a positive one. There are many interesting articles focussed on this important element of design theory, such as

2. Emotional

Celebrated cognitive scientist and usability engineer Donald Norman summarises Emotional Design Theory into three categories: visceral (colour, branding, overall visual effect), behavioural (how does it work, how do we use it) and reflective (impression user is left with). When these three elements work together successfully, the user has a positive experience. Intuitive animation transforms a product into something the user connects with.

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3. What’s the Goal?

Animation we enjoy has a clearly defined purpose. Like any good storyline, every plot point is included for good reason. Animation may have started out as entertainment, but today designers ask themselves meaningful questions to cross-check purposes, such as where the user’s attention would be if the animation wasn’t there, as well as questions around how they’d like the user to react. This intricate planning elevates the user’s experience and thus the overall conversion rate of the site.

4. Five Fundamental Factors

Designers tick off five factors when using animation: focus users’ attention; advise the outcome of their actions; offer clues to interact (think of the Flipboard app); keep the user orientated within the website; and lastly, make sure the user is entertained. While most of us could create clever GIFs if we put our minds to it, today’s website animation is best left to the experts. So if you’re looking for web design in Tunbridge Wells, contact a company such as

5. Speaking of “Clever GIFS”

The bottom line is that if animation annoys the user, it’s counter-productive and destroys any chance of your website leaving a positive impression. Do your research. Less is indeed more.