Holiday Home Improvement

There may be some ways to show friends and family that you have made some improvements to your home since last year’s big get together. With a small budget and a crafty mind, you can make your home look like a before and after episode of This Old House. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and take on these projects by yourself. Spend your weekend making a difference and know that it will not go unnoticed.

Projects that Won’t Hurt Your Wallet

First off, you can start by ripping up that old nasty carpet that has been bothering you. Head to Lowes, Home Depot, or Menards to and take a look at their vinyl flooring. Everyone loves hardwood floors, but vinyl flooring is fairly inexpensive and looks extremely high end for the cost. Start with one corner using a crowbar and peel it off like a band aid (you’ll probably want to get the furniture into another room for this one).Take some basic measurements of the room, giving you the square footage of the room. You can find calculators on line that will give you a good estimate of the square footage or just ask customer service at your local hardware store. You will need a saw for this one, but cutting is pretty minimal. For more tips and tricks for installing your floors, visit Pete’s Hardwood Floors.

Paint your walls. Choose a color that goes will with your furniture and accents the features of your home. Choose complimentary colors and don’t be afraid to paint more than one room.  With motivation of Holidays right around the corner, you can tackle multiple walls in one day. Choose textures and colors that reflect you and your personality. Painting is a great option for making a big difference on a small budget.

Shop second hand and don’t be afraid to get thrifty. Now-a-days with this hipster movement, you can find great retro pieces with a wow-factor that make your home more trendy. Don’t’ overdo it, though. Keep it simple with minimal key items in your spaces. Look for old furniture with good bones and a solid structure. A little paint or new upholstery might be enough to make it a statement piece with the ideal “wow” factor.

Whatever the project may be this year, call in the friends and family to lend a hand. Sure, you could probably do it yourself but it’s always more fun in the company of others during the holiday season. That’s what the holiday season is all about –helping others. Please exercise caution and be safe! Be careful of ice while climbing latters and hanging Christmas lights. Most importantly, have fun!