Good Photography

Photos are not just about the product, whether for fashion or a corporate setting, they are about the message sent. A good photo is pleasing a provocative photo is what sells. When you gloss over a magazine the model showing off the photo should be portrayed to be human yet perfect.

What does that mean? If you have ever looked into a mirror (of course you have but humor me here) say under fluorescent lighting you notice how different features are enhanced or downplayed, certain lighting flatters or destroys a photo and its intended subject

Good makeup, quality products and a picturesque place are an advantage but a good photographer uses his/her knowledge to their advantage to portray a message within the picture and make it something to look twice at or thought provoking as stated earlier on.

The person behind the lens should know how to handle the subject, whether it is a building or a person. A good photographer listen’s to the client and works with what they are given to produce a high quality photo.

For the corporate look the most common photos are during events such as a cocktail party, seminars and office parties. A professional photographer knows how to blend in and work with the given lighting (most corporate events are indoors with low lighting so do not be surprised to see an external flash on the photographer). A good corporate photo is an advertisement opportunity for the company, both to clients and future employees, so picking the right photos show what type of a place the business is.

When employing a photographer, pick one that portrays professionalism. You do not want a photographer who appear in scruffy clothes and flip flops for your wedding. Look at their portfolio and read some of their reviews, you can contact past customers; a satisfied client is one of the best referrals. Take a peek at their website. The Michal Kriesch studios with extensive experience, over 10 years, in the photography business, offer quality photos for every occasion.

The website contains some of the photographer’s best work ranging from portraits to weddings and corporate affairs. The quality of work is superb. His portraits and choice of backdrops and lighting make for exquisite photos.