Formula 1 champions need essential qualities

There is a lot of discussion on what it takes to reach the top in Formula 1, with raw talent, grit, and a great car all suggested as contributors. Drivers have been described as fearless (Jim Clark), phenomenally talented (Jackie Stewart) and ruthless (Niki Lauda). It is highly likely that these drivers had some traits in common.

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To succeed in Formula 1, as in any sport, a driver has to be hungry for success. He must be prepared to work to turn that hunger into commitment. Competition is tough, and the highly motivated will triumph. Niki Lauda suffered severe burns after an accident at the infamous Nurburgring but was back in action six weeks later. There is no room for the half-hearted.


Fitness covers nutrition, cardiovascular fitness and stamina. Physically, a potential champion needs to be at the top of his game. The temperature in the cockpits can be searing, and the strength needed to control their cars at speeds of over 200mph is considerable. A driver who wants to become a champion looks after his health, watches his diet, and does a mixture of endurance and strength training. He also makes sure he picks the right people when he starts learning to drive as building a strong foundation is very important.  Somewhere you could possibly look to try is a Driving Instructor Market Harborough company found at links including

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A successful Formula 1 driver is adaptable. He is flexible enough to cope with the predictable stress of travel, along with the stress of problems in the sport, such as crashes, burst tyres and damaged equipment. Fitness can help with this.


Anyone who watches Formula 1 knows what great focus an F1 champion has. A visit to any Formula 1 event will demonstrate this. Nothing distracts him. All his concentration is on the job at hand.


Professionalism is a major requirement nowadays. Raw talent is not quite enough. A driver who wants to be at the top of his game will be able to talk to everyone in his team, from the engineers to the corporate sponsors. He must be as much at home talking to members as he is talking to the technical support staff.


Like any sport, Formula 1 is a high-energy occupation. Even in the absence of injury, downtime is necessary. A driver who wants to compete at the top level must know how to switch off and recover from any physical damage or mental stress.