Five fireside accessories that you need in your life this winter

Looking out of my window, it’s dark by 4.30pm; winter is here. As the nights draw longer and the cold comes in, all I want is to be curled up by the fireplace with a good book.

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That said, a bare fireplace is almost as bad as no fireplace. Make yours more inviting by treating your home to these must-have fireside accessories and keep your house cosy all winter.

However, when lighting fires, make sure you have adequate fire safety at home and never leave a burning flame unattended.

1 Candles

The warmth of the fireplace can only be improved by placing scented candles on the mantelpiece. Selecting candle holders of different heights adds variety to your home and provides an excellent place to add foliage or other decorations over the festive period.

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2 Log holder

To create that roaring fire, you’ll need logs to burn. Invest in a stunning metal log holder to add something a little different rather than a wicker basket, see a company such as that sells beautiful, alternative log storage options perfect for any home.

3 Tools

Any real fire needs the right tools. To keep your fire burning through the cold nights you will, at least, need a poker, shovel, tongs, rake and brush to keep your fireplace looking its best. That said, just because fire tools are functional doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful. Find a set matching the tone of your room to make even the necessities appear to be ornaments.

4 Big mirrors

Often, the space above the fireplace can be a big expanse of wall needing something extra to bring the room together. Forgoing artwork in favour of an oversized mirror creates the illusion of an extra window, without the need to let in any more cold air. Mirrors also make your room feel bigger and help to create a focal point.

5 A good blanket

No experience of curling up by the fire is complete without the perfect throw or blanket to cover up cold toes. Find one that makes you feel at home so even when the rain is pouring you can keep cosy.

Grab your blanket, a good book, make yourself some hot chocolate and snuggle up by the fire until the sunshine returns.