Features to look for in a contract management system

A system that manages contracts is integral to the successful operation of a business, particularly with regards to managing vendor relationships.

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According to Purchasing Procurement Center, a contract management system (CMS) sets out the prices, service levels, terms and supplier relationship, as well as ensures compliance. It can also provide valuable insights into your business operations. So, with this in mind, what should you be looking for when choosing this type of system for your business?


Good contract management systems should provide you with the flexibility to suit your business requirements, so look for a system that comes with features that you can personalise to suit your needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all type. If you think your business will evolve over time, having a flexible contract system in place will be especially important.

The system you choose should also be flexible according to who is using the software, so you can manage who has access to contract data. This is especially important if you manage sensitive contracts and want to restrict user permissions.

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When managing contracts, there are lots of things to consider, so look for a system that comes with checklists and prompts to remind you of certain aspects, such as tracking delivery schedules.


Robust and reliable contract management systems, such as those provided by https://www.contractswise.com/, will include features that monitor compliance, so always make this a priority when choosing a system for your business. Should a supplier fail to adhere to the terms of a contract, a reputable CMS system should be able to help with aspects such as claims administration. As well as ensuring compliance, pick a system that flags up any potential risks, so that these can be addressed promptly to avoid any issues that could impact on your business or income further down the line. Any risks should be trackable across different categories, including performance, financial, contractual and third-party areas.

Digital applications

A CMS system should be adaptable to fit in with the demands of an increasingly digital environment, so look for a system that you can easily edit on any digital device, including smartphones. To speed up the process of securing and executing contracts, a system that offers an e-signature capacity is also a good option, ensuring every aspect of the contract procedure can be digitised.