Famous Roof Songs

A fun party game or game to pass the time whilst travelling is coming up with song titles containing specific words or themes. The current challenge is the title of songs containing ‘roof’. Let’s begin:

James Taylor and ‘Up on the Roof’

A famous song about using a roof for a haven to hide when things get on top of you. It has been covered many times, including a rendition by Neil Diamond and in 1995 by Robson and Jerome. First aired in 1962, it has been described as an incredible song and is one of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Songs that ‘Shaped Rock and Roll’.

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Up the ladder to the Roof – The Supremes

From the Right On album, this 1970 song was the first hit with a new singer for The Supremes, Jean Terrell. Just a fortnight before the production of the song, Diana Ross had left the group. Up the ladder climbed to spot 5 in the soul charts and reached number 6 in the UK. If all this talk of roofing reminds you to deal with your roof problems, consider Flat Roof Repair Bristol at a site like https://www.aquagard-roofing.co.uk/roofing-services/flat-roofing-repair-bristol/

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Harry Connick Jr and Tin Roof Blues

First recorded in 1923 by the Rhythm Kings of New Orleans, it has since become one of the most played New Orleans jazz songs. Cover sheets of the original music feature a drawing of the Tin Roof Cafe, a New Orleans dance hall. A lot of iconic musicians have covered the song including Connick Jr., and Louis Armstrong.