Fact or Fiction? The things we think we know about hair

You hear many things about hair and how to look after it but what should we trust and what are the urban myths? Here we debunk some common misconceptions about hair care that have been around for a long time and many people still believe.

  • Too much shampooing makes your hair oily

The shampoo that you use has no effect on the oiliness of your hair. We all have something called sebaceous glands in the hair roots of our scalps and it’s these that control oil levels. How much sebum (oil) you produce if solely dependent on your age and skin type. Too much shampooing will actually strip your hair of oil, not increase it. Thankfully, shampoos nowadays are specially designed to keep hair moisturised and not dry out.

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  • Brown hair grows quicker than blonde hair

This is a myth but may have become a belief due to the fact that blonde hair is often finer than brown hair and so more prone to breaking. This could lead to the idea that it’s not growing at the same speed. The speed at which your hair grows is down to genetic factors but nothing to do with colour.

  • Too many styling products will dry out your hair

This fact is also untrue. Ingredients used in styling products, such as alcohol, will evaporate as soon as it is released onto the hair. For a Gloucester Hairdresser, visit http://headkandyhairdressing.com/

  • To make your hair grow quicker, you should cut it

Having a trim to encourage hair growth is definitely a myth. Your hair growth is only effected at the scalp and nothing to do with cutting the length. This idea may come from the recommendation that you have a trim every 6-8 weeks to remove split ends and breakages. Removing split ends does make the hair appear fuller.

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  • The more you brush, the better your hair will feel

There is no scientific evidence that proves that brushing your more than you already do makes any difference whatsoever. Too much brushing can damage the hair’s cuticle, which is the protective layer). Brush your hair to tidy or remove knots but anymore is not necessary.

  • Changing your shampoo is good for your hair

Unless you fancy trying something new then there’s no reason to change as it will make no difference to your hair. Different types of shampoo will have different effects so you might feel like switching it up sometimes but it’s not especially ‘good’ for your hair.

  • A good lather is better at cleaning

We associate a good amount of bubbly suds with cleanliness but there’s no scientific evidence that a bigger lather produces a better clean. Excessive foaming agents can actually be damaging to colour-treated hair and make it fade.

  • Blow-drying is worse than air-drying

While it’s true that overusing the hairdryer can damage the surface of your hair, air-drying is not the ultimate solution. There is proof that letting your air dry naturally can cause damage deep inside the hair strands if you leave it exposed to water for too long. The best solution is to use your dryer on the lowest setting and hold it at least 6 inches from your hair.