Enjoying the delights of a non-alcoholic Christmas drink

Christmas time and the New Year can be a time for people to enjoy an alcoholic drink or two, but that doesn’t mean that non-drinkers should have to miss out. There are many drinks that can be enjoyed at Christmas that do not involve alcohol and there are also so many great mocktails that you should definitely have a look at. Even if you are having a party that is going to be catered for by Mobile Bar Hire Gloucestershire company www.wearethemoversandshakers.com/mobile-bar-hire-gloucestershire/ you can still enjoy some tee-total delights.

Why not start the festive season off with some alcohol-free eggnog?

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Made from the following ingredients this drink is a popular one around Christmas time and is relatively easy to make:




Condensed Milk

Egg Yolks


Whipping Cream


Vanilla Extract

You essentially combine all of the ingredients in a pan over a moderate heat to create this beautiful smooth drink. Dusting with some nutmeg is a must. If you are looking for a step by step recipe then take a look here.

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Another seasonal favourite is the Blackberry mocktail made from a selection of blackberries mixed with orange juice and lemon juice with a small dash of cinnamon syrup to give it that Christmassy flavour. It is one drink that smells incredible and will have you wanting to drink it over and over again whilst you enjoy your Christmas meal. It is also a great option to prepare in advance for New Year’s Eve. If you find it difficult to find cinnamon syrup you can make your own by infusing cinnamon with water and white sugar. You should have equal parts water to sugar in order to make a syrup of any kind. You boil all the ingredients together and then strain to get a smooth, bit free syrup.


A favourite of mine to have with the evening food on Christmas day is the Cranberry Spice. This drink is incredibly easy to make and has a wonderfully fresh flavour that gives me a much-needed pick me up towards the end of the day at Christmas. The ingredients include cranberry juice, water, a bitter or tonic of some description, fizzy apple juice, fresh cranberries and an orange wedge to garnish. You simply place all of the ingredients in a glass including the fresh cranberries, stir it around and then decorate with a nice wedge of orange and enjoy.