Enjoying a walk with man’s best friend

Walking can be a great activity to undertake to help with both your physical and mental health. Motivational speakers such as www.adventureman.org are taking on some incredible challenges both in terms of walking and running and in doing so are inspiring others to become more active.

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If you have a dog as a pet you have the perfect excuse to get outside and enjoy the landscapes in your local area on a regular basis. There are some tips to follow when walking with your dog to ensure that it is enjoyable or e two of you. You should also take into consideration your dogs anxiety levels when they are in the presence of other dogs and other people. If your dog is particular nervous you may want to try and pick a location that is not too popular with other dog walkers. N addition to this you should ensure that your dog feels safe with you and that you have mechanisms in place to deal with any fear or aggression that may be displayed in your dog should they feel threatened in anyway.

Walking in front of your dog is said to be the way to ensure that your dog sees you as the pack leader, but again this will depend very much on the personality on the personality of your dog and whether they need the reassurance of you being by their side. Using a short leash is also  great idea as it means that you have more control of your dog and it can also make them feel more secure being close to you, particularly if they are nervous.

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You should always make sure that you have enough time to walk with your dog. Rushing this makes it more of a chore for you and less enjoyable for your dog. A walk first thing in the morning is always a good idea after your dog has been sleeping for most of the night. The amount of exercise that your dog needs will depend very much on their age and breed. It is important to check this with your vet.

When you return from your walk you should reward your dog with some food and some fuss and attention from you to reinforce that their behaviour whilst out walking was positive. This will help to produce positive behaviour from them each time you go out.