Employee Of The Year: I Achieved My First Award Plaque!

Today, I am going to share with you one of my pleasant experience… Don’t worry, I am not going to make you bore with all the experience and struggling stories of my life. I am just going to share with you, my first award plaques winning experience and I can say that it is the most pleasant experience in the life of any professionals like me after win the plaques.

In addition, I am going to tell you a little story that how I have achieved this award plaque. Well, I started my career as a marketing person in one of the popular company but the job did not go well and I have come to know that this marketing job is not for me. Then, I took 1-year post graduation degree in office management and again started my career with the company CDAC, which is a data management company, I started there as an executive and I did lots of hard work to establish my career as personally I was satisfied with this job.

So far so good, we have just ended the 2016 and every year my company give honor to the best employee. And guess what this time I have achieved the “Employee of Year Award.” Yes! Finally, after 3 years of job career, I have achieved what I was seeking for; this honor given by our CEO, Alex Jones, and I was too happy to receive this honor from him.

No doubt, this award plaque is the best achievement in my life, and it has influenced me to do more hard work too much better than I did. The award plaque is most valuable and most beautiful for me as I have achieved this for my personal success, it is a perpetual plaques trophy, also noted all my information of achievement with personalized plaques.

I am here just sharing my pleasant experience but not to giving you boring motivational speech. But it will accept by any professionals that the achievement doubled your enthusiasm of work. And this award plaque has forced me to change my strategy of work to do better from others… Thanks.