Do Log Cabins Stay Warm When It’s Cold Outside?

Log cabins look so cosy, don’t they? They can range from small affairs to grand lodges. They were the property of choice in medieval Europe, thanks to the abundance of wood and their warm, cosy interiors. You’ll see log homes in many cold climates around North Europe and Scandinavian countries. In more recent times, wooden homes have been replaced by brick or concrete properties. But now there’s a growing interest in log properties because of their beauty and natural insulation. But are they warm enough to live in during the cold months?

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The Thicker the Better

When it comes to log homes, the thicker the wood the warmer the interior. Wood has its own natural thermal resistance, which means the inside of the home stays relatively warmer compared to the colder outside temperatures. The way the exterior walls are constructed will also have an effect on how cosy and warm the house is on the inside. The right wood needs to be selected with maximum thermal resistance.

Colder and Warmer Climates

If a house is in a country or area which experiences mild winters, than a thinner wall is a better option. Likewise, countries with cold, severe winters need properties with thicker wood logs. Logs can capture and store heat during the day which is released when the temperature falls. That makes for a lovely warm home at night.

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Logs also need to be tightly bound together so that the external air does not get into the interior. This also improves the insulation. Wood easily absorbs water, which can increase the humidity in a home, so the drainage system needs to be spot on to avoid any water-logging around the house. You need to invest carefully to make sure your log cabin is fit for purpose. To make sure you get the perfect Log Cabins for sale NI, look for Log Cabins for sale NI.

Advantages of Log Homes

With all this natural insulation and cosy warmth, it’s not surprising that log homes have a low energy consumption. It can be as much as 25% lower than your average property. It’s also a natural, living product. There are many environmental and health reasons to live in log homes, including the fact that they are stunning to look at, both inside and out.