Creative Home Decor Projects For Repurposed Shutters

You have to admit that old, wood shutters have an irresistible pull. There is something about their link to the past that adds allure to their somewhat rustic appearance. But what do you do with those shutters from your grandparents’ old homestead or the ones you discovered in the dusty corner of an antique store? Check out these great ideas for repurposing those charming shutters and creating something both beautiful and useful for your home.

Home Office Organizer
There is nothing classy about those plastic mail sorters. Let’s be honest; they just look boring. If you want to add a little charm to your home office while getting rid of some of that paper cluttering your desk, hang a couple of shutters on the wall over your desk. Use the slots to sort bills and outgoing mail and display a few of your favorite photos. Clothespins are a great way to clip papers to the shutters if you have trouble keeping them in the slots.

Magazines, Anyone?
Another fantastic way to use a shutter is as a magazine rack. Simply hang a shutter on the wall, and then slip one magazine over each slot, creating an orderly, eye-catching display for your favorite reads.

Funky End Tables
If you find four matching shutters, you can create a fun and eye-catching end table. You will need a square countertop piece to top the creation and a way to keep the pieces connected and strengthened. Good Housekeeping offers some easy-to-follow instructions for this project.

Stunning Headboards
Find at least two sets of matching shutters, one taller set and one shorter set. Combine with some crown molding or other wooden decoration, and fit the shutters together over the bed with the two taller ones in the middle. The effect is simply amazing. Simpler headboards can be created with four matching shutters all lined up in a row. The options are limitless.

A New Twist on Consoles
Perhaps you have seen tables created from repurposed doors. Try creating a console or buffet table out of shutters. It is not as hard as it sounds, and the results are truly unique. If you are at a loss for the how-to of this project.

Frame It Up
Shutters can create great frames or backdrops for other decorative items in your house. A single round clock may get lost on a large wall; place it on a shutter to create a little extra pizzazz in your room. You can also try attaching a spray of flowers to a shutter or hanging a row of shutters with framed pictures of your friends and family attached to each one.

Preparing Shutters
Many old shutters look fantastic just the way they are, but if you are trying to combine several shutters to create a single look, you may want to match the colors. Traditional painting is the easiest method, but many people love a more distressed look on their shutters. A simple Internet search is sure to result in instructions on how to transform your old set of shutters into a remarkable work of art. If you have an artistic flair, you can also custom paint your shutters to match another household decor.