Crazy Car Concepts

If you love cars, then you’ll love this list of some of the strangest and wackiest automobiles ever brought dreamt up, whether still firmly on the designing table or dragged into real-life:

  1. Amphibious Lamborghini

These cars normally come with a pretty hefty price tag but here is your chance to get your hands on one for just $27,000. And what’s more, you can combine the joy of having a Lambo with the fact that it can glide across water too! The Amphibious Lamborghini Countach is the only car in its class to be able to take to the water. Imagine how cool you’d look this summer? For those of us who still drive relatively normal cars, don’t forget to book your annual Gloucester MOT

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  1. Rinspeed Squba

Here’s another one for those of you who are desperate for a car that can dive underwater like the iconic James Bond vehicle. The Rinspeed Squba is an amphibious concept vehicle designed by the Rinspeed company. The concept was lifted straight from the James Bond movie ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ and the car aims to glide, float, swim and even dive like a sub! On land it will boast a top speed of 120km/h. 

  1. Terrafugia Transition

Not only have we dreamed of cars that could swim but most sci-fi films have been promising us flying cars for some time now. Well, the wait might finally be over as the Terrafugia Transition car seeks to change all that. As well as motoring with ease on land, the vehicle can unfold wings like an aircraft! There are only two such vehicles being constructed, with designers and engineers working on the idea since 2006. At nearly a quarter of a million dollars, jumping ahead of the rush hour traffic with your wings is going to cost you.

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  1. Peel P50

Bikes – love them or hate them, they do make good economic and time-saving sense. If you’re more of a hater, then why not consider the Peel P50, a fun-size car for one and a great alternative to biking it. It can travel at speeds of 61km/h, weighs a slight 56kg and holds the record for being the smallest car ever manufactured. Sadly, it is no longer in production but there was one auctioned at $176,000 when it originally only cost £200!

  1. Superbus

Gone could be the days of the much-loved old rickety bus that is such a common sight on the roads and streets of the world. A Dutch astronaut named Wubbo Ockels, working out of the Delft University of Technology, has given us the Superbus. Running on electricity, this is a high-speed, smooth affair with attractive butterfly doors on each side of its body. It can carry 25 passengers on a journey and reach speeds of 250km/h. No more waiting for the late bus in the rain!

  1. Wooden Car

Wood is a highly practical material for constructing many things, but you’d never imagine a car to be from wood. However, a wooden car that looks like a Lamborghini has been made by a chap called Joe Hammon. Surprisingly, it has 700hp and can reach incredible speeds of 368km/h.