Contact Form: What Is Good To Know?

We are experiencing the era of lead generation, now I think it’s clear to anyone who cheats a bit of marketing.

In 2014, the challenge for any company is to attract consumer attention as much as enough to tell them what their services are and hope they match what the consumer is looking for. Simple? Not even a bit!

But let’s pretend we’ve succeeded in our intent and attracted the consumer to our site, how to turn it into a customer?

From visitor to customer

According to a recent search for Kiss Metrics, the company has a maximum of 8 seconds to persuade the user to stay and not go to a competitor’s site. The landing content must therefore be clear and immediate. To summarize, we attracted (with great difficulty) the consumer on our site, was satisfied with the content proposed, is it now a customer? No! The 96% of visitors who arrive at the site is not ready to buy, the first visit to the site. How to maintain the customer’s contact with so much effort? A road is definitely that remarketing, but a well-structured form is definitely less challenging. The user, in most cases, is not ready to buy,

Less is better

How does a well-structured form appear?

Better, include only the core fields, such as your name, last name, company, and email contact.

The motivations tell us your sense of responsibility and our own user experience, how many times have you fled in front of a form with too many fields? Are not you still convinced?

Carry out a Market A / B test that has tested on the same landing page three different types of form, one in five fields, one with seven fields and one with nine fields. The data below of the conversion rate and the cost of acquiring the customer are definitely significant.

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Everyone lies

Among the benefits of the form is also gathering data on potential customers, particularly useful at strategic level, identifying targeting and limiting acquisition efforts by developing a targeted strategy.

Unfortunately, however, these data are to be taken with the pliers. In fact, a search for MarketingSherpa is a good percentage of users when compiling the mind fields, especially on key data such as name and surname or company belonging.

Innovation in the form

How do you do so to have the information we need without losing the lead?

Some last generation forms are based on a progressive compilation. Each time a person completes a form on the site, the form asks for further information. Fields in this case are few, but if the user is really interested and fills the form several times, I have all the data I need (and I’m sure of the truth).

Social and landing page form

Immediate, but not too long! Better, include the social sharing buttons in the form’s landing page, which will increase the viewing possibilities of your content. In addition to sharing buttons, let’s also leave the official business account references. If you cannot convince them to fill out the form, you can always find them in social networks!

Author Bio:

A.H. Sagar is Operations Manager at CYONWO and author of Local Advertising Journal. A.H. has more than 6+ years of experience in digital marketing. His expertise helps him to be a professional blogger and he loves to share his ideas, tips, tricks and information with blogging.