Choosing The Perfect Wall Fountain

Nothing transforms a room quite like the addition of a water fountain can. These age old and yet unique decorations can create and atmosphere off peace and serenity while remaining on the cutting edge of style and elegance. Wall fountains create a sense of ambiance and inject a strong sense of character into a room. Whether it is a small wall fountain for a limited space, or an epic full wall cascade for a large room, water walls are a beautiful and relaxing way to revamp your home’s look.

Custom & Unique
There are literally hundreds of styles of wall fountains to pick from, but if nothing tickles your fancy you can have a custom design produced. These one of a kind creations take the individuality of a water fountain one step further so that it is an utterly distinctive piece of you and your family in tangible form. Water walls are not simply static sculptures frozen in place, but engagingly dynamic pieces of art that flow with a room.

If a custom fountain is your choice there are dozens of different materials and frames available to build with. Skilled artisans can fabricate any design imaginable, and give you something completely unique, durable, and gorgeous. From common metals such as copper or stainless steel to less typical materials like bamboo or treated woods, there are literally thousands of possibilities for the construction of your custom fountain.

It is essential that the fountain you choose or have created fit into the new environment you intend for it. Space in smaller rooms is at a premium, and your fountain should be tailored to fit seamlessly into that limited space. For larger rooms your fountain should parallel the expanded area to blend in with the flow of the furniture and shape of the room. With so many sizes and styles available choosing the perfect fountain should not be difficult at all.

Cleaner Air with Wall Fountains
A wall fountain gives you the soothing and serene sound of moving water with the added benefit of beauty and individuality. These unique works of art also serve a function in that they keep the air quality of whatever space they occupy fresh and clean. Particulates in the air will adhere to the molecules in the moving water and be deposited in the basin where the water collects. In this way water walls act as natural filters and can even improve your overall health.

Wall fountains are more than dynamic pieces of art; they are dramatic statements for whatever space they fill. Our relationship with water in all forms runs deep in our psyches which is a likely reason mankind seems so fascinated with manipulating and controlling this essential element. Fountains and water features are difficult to resist in the best of times, but when the stress of modern life begins to take its toll nothing can sooth and relax like the musical sound of moving water.

Fountains are truly multidimensional sculptures. Not only do they incorporate elements such as water and sound, but now they include light and even music. These highly dynamic pieces of art appeal on so many levels they are nearly impossible to overlook. Sight, sound, and touch all come together in a completely distinctive combination of function and decorative delight.