Choosing A Web Designer – Important Things You Need To Consider

Choosing a web designer need careful planning and research so that it best represent your corporation’s name and online presence. Your business web site represent for you when you cannot. Here are the following tips for finding the right web designer:

Portfolio Samples

Reliable web designer or design companies do have portfolio and links to some of their current and previous web site designs. You must take time perusing the designer’s web site and some of their client’s sites to get a feel for their expertise and also to be sure all links and navigational features are properly functioning. Often unskilled web designer’s sites will have flaws like dead links and misspelled words.


You must remember that trusted web designers and companies will definitely post and boasts client testimonials and feedbacks on their web site in order to verify that they expert and most of their clients are satisfied of their work. Also, they will link their client’s testimonials to their sites so you can assure that they are in fact a happy customer.

If a web designer’s testimonials aren’t readily available ask, and verify them. You can contact or email the references and ask how their experience was with the designer and if they were contented with the output. This may seem a heavy task but having a web site professionally designed is a financial investment and an imperative one to your business. It’s smart enough to do your homework before leaping and making any decision.

Contact Information

Good web designers do have clear contact information like physical address and telephone number. Some designers that only displays their email address and website address as their contact information are not trusted and as a client you must request and confirm the designers contact information prior to paying for or putting a deposit down on your web design services.

Look for Their Affiliations

You can distinguish a reliable web designer if display popular and reliable logos such as Visa and MasterCard, PayPal verified logos and other affiliation logos because it presents authenticity to the web site and the company

Who Is

Using WHOIS database, you can search and find out information about an existing domain name like the owner, how long it’s been registered and other useful information. The WHOIS database will give you with the contact information of the person or organization that registered the domain name you’re asking about.