Carpet Cleaning Myths Debunked

When it comes to the world of carpet cleaning, you might have some statements that aren’t actually based on fact. Myths and mistruths are easily spread, so before you decide that you’ve been put off carpet cleaning by what you’ve heard, let’s look at some of these myths and reveal the truth about professional carpet cleaning:

A carpet will shrink when wet cleaned

A carpet that is left wet for a long time will indeed shrink. However, when a carpet is being professionally cleaned, only a small amount of moisture is applied with proper cleaning tools for the job. The drying period is also quick, so you can rest easy that no shrinkage will happen to your carpet.

All carpet cleaners use the same technique

This isn’t the case. Many different methods are employed by different professionals. The truth is you generally get what you pay for and a cheaper quote might mean a less effective method that only cleans the top layer of your carpet, so it looks better but isn’t any more hygienic.

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Carpets take an age to dry

The best carpet cleaning machinery will use a high-quality suction and vacuum system to remove moisture from carpets. This means you’re your carpets will never become excessively wet and are able to dry naturally in a short space of time.

Carpets dirty more quickly after a professional clean

A professionally cleaned carpet is no more likely to get dirty than any other carpet. This mistruth comes from those who use the incorrect cleaning products or don’t rinse out the products from the carpet fibres properly. These problems will attract more dirt, so always make sure you hire a reputable company to complete your carpet clean, such as Cheltenham Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpet cleaning means you don’t have to vacuum

Whilst it is true that a proper carpet clean offers a deep clean that vacuuming can’t, you should still vacuum regularly to pick up things like crumbs, dust and pet hairs. A thorough vacuum is recommended before your cleaner arrives as this makes it easier for the cleaner to do a better clean.

You don’t need to clean your carpet unless there are stains

Regardless of whether you have visible stains or not, a professional carpet clean will keep you home fresher, smelling better and more hygienic. It reaches deeper than simple vacuuming alone and can remove hidden dirt that has been trampled into the fibres. It will also rid your carpet of possible allergens such as pet hair, dust and pollen. You can’t see these problems, but they are there nonetheless and almost impossible to remove by vacuuming alone.