Bringing a Classic Look to Your living room.

It is often said that aristocrats don’t buy furniture; they inherit it. It is wonderful for them to be able to fill their stately homes with beautiful original pieces of furniture such as lovely old Ages, large oak dining tables and comfortable leather chairs.

For the majority of us, this is not an option. But that does not mean we have to fill our homes with the same flat-pack furniture as everyone else.

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It pays to look around at auctions, second-hand shops or flea markets to see if there is a piece which catches your eye. Take a tape measure to make sure it will fit into your home before you buy. Many people have got carried away but then found the sofa or table was just too big when they returned home with it.

Find a Style to Suit You

It is important to find the right style for a home, such as a minimalist or a rural feel.

Home Magazine points out some simple DIY steps to get the right look for you. For instance, if you like modern minimal you can create a feeling of space by painting the walls white and having stripped wooden floors.

You it could match pieces from different periods or have a combination of old and new to create a look which is unique to you.

Think About How Your Room Will Look

It is important to plan where your furniture will go and how it will blend with existing pieces too.

A Daily Mail article suggests that you think about placing your furniture around a focal point such as a fireplace or the television.  The fireplace is an integral part of the living room. It could be argued that a fireplace like a stove is the most important factor in making a house a home. If your living room doesn’t have this then it could be seriously lacking a home comfort that is widely appreciated. If you are interested in making this addition to your living room, why not use a wood burning stove Northern Ireland based company, such as should also plan the room around the largest piece of furniture such as a bed or sofa.

If you like designer or classic furniture but don’t have the budget to buy an original, there are companies specialising in affordable reproduction designer furniture.
By adding reproduction pieces to your modern or second-hand furniture, you can build up an interesting home furnishing style of your own. Over time, you may be able to replace some of the older or mass-produced items with even more reproduction pieces to create a lovely home.