Bothersome moles

As with all pests, moles are just as disturbing as the rest of them, but if you’re suffering from constant mole visitations, here is some information to prevent and get rid of moles forever.

What is a mole?

Moles are carnivorous creatures that live in the soil, feasting on worms, grubs and larvae. They have to eat about half of their body weight a day to survive, if they find themselves with limited food, they will dig more holes in the surface to maximize their chances of trapping insects.

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What do they look like?

The body of a mole can measure up to 6 inches long with a one-inch tail. They have a short, cylindrical body, black soft-grey fur that hides their small eyes, broad shoulders, shovel-like legs and a pink, hairless snout.

Why are moles a pest?

If moles happen to find themselves in a garden or golf course, they can be very annoying and messy. They can dig up to 4 meters per hour, which means they can create complex tunnelling systems that lead to their nests in no time at all. The problem with moles is that they want to live in dry, dark underground environments but hunt where the soil is moist and full of worms and grubs. This means that they disturb the surface, leaving mounds of earth dotted around the landscape. For Essex Pest Control, visit a site like St George’s, a leading Essex Pest Control business.

How to tell if you have an infestation of moles

Chances are, you will not see moles as they like to stay in the dark tunnels, but if you have them, you will definitely know about it. You’ll see things like:

fresh mounds of soil

raised ridges around the opening in the earth

Roots, plants and grass disturbed

uneven ground

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Are moles bad for your garden?

Moles do not cause much harm, but they do make your landscape look messy, which for the avid gardener or landscaper, can be very testing. That said, moles do help to aerate the soil, which makes for a healthy and strong grass.

Where do moles come from?

Moles are usually found in the UK but because they live underground, it is rare for them to be seen. Moles live underground, loving hilly and wooded areas and when they come to the surface, they collect dry leaves and grass to line their burrows.

Why are there moles in my garden?

If you find you have a mole in your garden, chances are it is full of delicious insects and worms for them to enjoy. Moles are interested in the food supply; they will eat a variety of bugs, including crickets and ants.

Will moles come into your house?

Moles will never enter a building. They love the undergrowth and enjoy the quiet, even stopping their digging if they hear any sound.

Will moles go away on their own?

A mole will only go if there is no longer enough food for it to survive.