Bathroom trends for 2018

When a new year dawns, it often signals new beginnings and trends. Fortunately, when it comes to bathroom trends, they usually stick around, meaning your newly-decorated bathroom will stay in style for years to come. If your bathroom needs a revamp, consider incorporating the following into your décor.

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1) Monochrome

Monochrome is minimalist and perfect if you don’t fancy faffing about with colour schemes. It is simple to apply a monochrome colour style: simply select the colour of choice and decorate your bathroom in different shades.

2) Bamboo flooring

Bamboo is guaranteed to be a material of the future, since it is renewable. There is a variety of bamboo that can grow incredibly quickly – up to several inches per day. Bamboo also requires little water to grow; therefore, it is a resourceful material and exceptionally durable. Moreover, bamboo flooring is an aesthetically beautiful addition to any bathroom.

3) Spa time

Life can be pretty hectic and any opportunity for relaxation is a welcome escape. What better way to relax than going to a spa? Better yet, bring the spa to you with a spa-inspired bathroom by incorporating soft lighting, luxurious textures and deep tubs.

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4) An abundance of storage

Minimalism with regards to storage has taken a bow; having a practical bathroom is in. Having ample storage as a repository for your products does not mean your bathroom will become a haven for clutter and become unkempt; instead, chose beautiful storage units for your bathroom that will complement your décor.

5) Metal-framed showers

It is no surprise that showers with metal frames have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Framing the glass frames, such as 12mm shower glass panels from specialists such as, will add an industrial, outdoors feel.

6) Stone vessel sinks

Vessel sinks have been in style for a number of years; however, 2018 will see the trend spiral to further heights with hand-carved stone vessel sinks. If you are seeking to add a natural, organic tone to your bathroom, stone vessel sinks will do so perfectly.

7) High-tech touches

High-tech accessories have filtered into every room of the home, with the bathroom no exception. Digital temperature accessories that set the perfect temperature for your shower or those that control the flow of water are wonderful additions to any bathroom.