Are you considering Botox treatment?

If you’ve been thinking about having a Botox treatment, you’ve probably got many questions about whether it’s the right step for you to take. It is a highly popular treatment and widely available. Having been around for a good few years now, that should certainly put your mind at rest. Here is some useful information to help you decide whether it’s the right thing for you:

Always make sure that the person who provides your treatment is an experienced professional. Do not ever be tempted to make online purchases of Botox as you might not be getting the real deal and self-injecting can cause serious complications. Incidences of self-treatment have resulted in long-term muscle paralysis and eye damage. Receiving this treatment at a non-medical facility is also highly warned against. Never have this type of treatment at a non-medical spa, a salon, a party or a private house.

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For your Botox Gloucester experience, use a professional practitioner such as Gloucester Botox Treatment by Doctor Kate. A professional will inject tiny amounts of the purified botulinum toxin in exactly the right location for maximum benefits.

For the treatment of wrinkles and fine lines, the injection will target the right muscles in the neck and face. This relaxes those muscles and smooths away the lines. The treatment usually lasts for between 3-4 months or longer.

It’s not just fine lines that can be eased with Botox as it’s also used to treat excessive sweating. The injection will go into the underarm area to prevent the excessive sweating for up to 6 months from just one injection.

You need not worry about lacking facial expression after treatment, as many critics of Botox have proclaimed. Just enough of the Botox will be injected to gently relax the targeted muscle without affecting others. You will still be able to maintain your natural facial expressions.

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There is also no loss of sensation after correct Botox treatment. As soon as the effects of the injection wear off, you are safe to receive another treatment. There is no waiting time for being able to apply make-up either and you can return to your normal activities straight away.

Botox is a very safe treatment that started being used over 20 years ago. It is used on millions of patients every year. Patient safety is a number one concern and professionals and dermatologists receive continuing education about new innovations, best practice and breakthroughs in the use of therapy with Botox.

With millions of satisfied customers across the globe, what are you waiting for? Botox can be used on people of all skin types and colour. Find out more information by arranging a consultation with a Botox specialist in your area today.