About Webhosting Plan’s Scripting Language and TLD

When building a website, you have to choose a webhosting plan to host your website. A webhosting plan offers many features. Many of those features are so straightforward that they are easy to understand. Features like space, bandwidth, site builder, and the availability of multiple domains are features that are easy to understand. There are, however, some features that you have to study before you can find out whether they will be helpful for you. Among those features are the scripting language used by the plan and the plan’s top level domain (TLD).

Webhosting Scripting Language

There are many scripting languages that a webhosting plan offers. When you visit this website here, you will find out that you can choose from HTML, PHP, ASP, Java (JSP) plans. HTML, PHP, ASP, and JSP are the scripting languages used by the plan. Among them, PHP and ASP (ASP.NET) are the two most popular scripting languages that have been used by millions of websites.

PHP is popular because it is free and offers easy learning curve. ASP.Net is also popular especially because it is backed by Microsoft—a veteran in the internet world. Which scripting language is thus the best for you? The following features of both scripting languages will give you a clue to decide which language is the right for your plan.

1. Scalability

The most tangible illustration of the competition between PHP and ASP.Net in regard to the language’s scalability is the competition between the PHP-backed Facebook and the ASP.Net-backed MySpace. The competition between both websites is always so stringent that there is never a real winner in it. Facebook’s victory at the present doesn’t necessarily mean MySpace’s complete downfall. Based on this illustration, it can be concluded that both scripting languages are similarly scalable.

2. Cost

In regard to cost, PHP, which is completely free, mostly wins the competition. ASP.Net is a Microsoft product that is not free. When you visit HomeHost website, you will indeed see that the webhosting plan for both PHP and ASP.Net costs the same.

However, the tools for developing ASP.Net script are much pricier than those for developing PHP script. While you can use the free Notepad++ to work on PHP script, you have to buy the pricey Microsoft Visual Studio application to develop advanced ASP.Net script.

There are many other factors to consider when you want to choose between PHP and ASP.Net. If you are a beginner, however, PHP is always your best choice because of its easy learning curve and because most CMSs, which will be helpful for building your website, are built using PHP language.

Top Level Domain

At HomeHost, you can buy both generic TLD, such as .com and .net, and ccTLD for Brazil, which is .br. Which TLD is the right for website? A common conception among website developers is that ccTLD boosts your local SEO rank. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, the easiest way to decide whether to buy a gTLD or ccTLD is by specifying your market. If you want to target local market, using a ccTLD will be a better choice because it lets your website visitors know that your website is for Brazilians. Use gTLD instead if you target more global market.