A Flea’s time

Now this is the life! A veritable jungle of warm long hair to trample about in and plenty of places to lay me eggs. I am sorted here. The foods not bad either, though I’m easily pleased. See all I need to do is stick me old proboscis in to the ground and have a good drink. Ok I get that’s not to everyone tastes but to me and my kind it’s just the best.

It’s so much better up here, better than hanging around on the carpet and furniture. Especially since the old man used his computer to search for Carpet Cleaning Gloucester and found https://www.clean-able.co.uk . I lost a lot of friends that day. Although they were silly enough to jump of the dog.

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Actually, it’s a bit chilly out today. I reckon my host is out and about or something. Not to worry I just snuggle down for a bit and sit tight. Woah! Easy tiger, he’s rolling about a bit! Still with me sticky feet I’ll be fine. Yep, it’ll take a bit more than that to dislodge me. It’s been getting a bit crowded round here lately. All me kids grew up yesterday (I’ve got lots more on the way though) and have jumped the nest as it were, or they’ve gone up to live at the neck area and others down at the tail. I think that their keen to start families of their own so it’s for the best.

He’s shaking again. Hang on lads! There we go couple of us knocked of but not that many. I feel a bit peckish again, time for another feed, yummy. He’s been running about as well so this is the good stuff. He’s barking, not that I’ve got good hearing or anything. We might be causing a bit of discomfort my mates and family but hey? We’ve all got to live right? Look out! Phew, that was close! Sometimes he might get some of us with a paw but it’s pretty much few and far between. It’s not like we’re that big to pick off. Here’s the lads! You boys got a thirst on? Yep me to. It’s not long before I get hungry again to be fair. Let’s all have a quick dip at the same time shall we. I, 2, 3 and dip. Did you here that? We had a bark and a whimper that time. He’s not happy is he.

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Temperatures up. Looks like we’re back home.  That’s much better. Some of the lads were saying that we’ve had it here too good for too long. Some of them jumped ship the other week onto a Cat or something. Slim pickings if you ask me, not as much meat on one as there is on this host. It’ll do in a pinch I suppose. Others have opted for the carpet, I mean I ask you. Who wants to live off dead skin cells all day, especially when you can have a nice drop of the ol’ O negative. He’s getting a bit jumpy now. I think we’d better hang on for a bit. Let’s hope his owner doesn’t read the article in the newspaper today or we are definitely a goner.