6 more hardwoord flooring trends for 2016

Classy, timeless and warm, hardwood flooring never goes out of style. Here are six more flooring trends to look out for this year.


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Modern vintage

A pleasing mix of old and new, modern vintage flooring looks traditional, but is finished with cooler and more contemporary shades. Flat planks add to the vintage look. This style particularly suits cottage style homes or traditional red brick properties, and blends together the period aspects of the house with the more modern elements.

Natural looking

Modern homeowners are embracing simplicity and using identical flooring throughout their entire homes for a clean, pleasing finish that flows between rooms. Flooring is laid in the same way in every room, and finished with the same natural-looking products for a harmonious space. Using solid wood flooring throughout the home gives a warm, cosy, Scandinavian feel to the property.

British and European woods

People are becoming reluctant to import wooden floors from China and other far-off countries, and manufacturers that use local wood are pushing this aspect of their range as a big selling point. Consumers increasingly prefer their wood to come from relatively local regions. Reputable retailers such as UK Flooring Direct (http://www.ukflooringdirect.co.uk/solid-wood-flooring) will always be able to tell you where a particular range of flooring was manufactured.

White oak

Red oak has traditionally been more popular among homeowners, but there has been a huge shift towards white oak in recent years. White oak lends itself well to more modern interiors and looks great when finished with contemporary wood stains.

Hardwood throughout the home

It’s becoming increasingly common to find hardwood flooring in every room in the home, even kitchens. People are becoming wise to the fact that hardwood not only looks good, but is also durable and adds value to the property. House and Garden magazine explains how hardwood flooring can be a design feature in its own right, so it makes sense that modern homeowners are embracing it. It is a relatively simple way of updating the entire property, and most owners will find they recoup any expenditure on hardwood flooring once they sell their property.

Site-finished flooring

Site-finished flooring allows the fitter to customise any stains and finishes to perfectly suit the individual home, and ensures a pristine and professional finish.