5 Tips To Make Your Moving Sale A Success

Your move is only a month or two away and you have a lot left to accomplish. As you call around to get moving quotes from various companies and collect the packing supplies you will need, you more than likely have looked around at your house and wondered how and when you accumulated so much stuff. You know you need to downsize, and one of the best ways to do this before the movers arrive is with a yard sale.

Yard sales can be difficult if you go it alone. Here are a few moving tips to help make your downsizing sale a success.

  1. Reach out to others for help – Chances are your friends and family will want to spend time with you while they can. When you are ready to hold your sale, invite your friends and family over to help and hang out. You can turn an event that can be a lot of hard work into one that is a fun get-together with your loved ones while you downsize and get productive.
  2. Organize your sale like your move – As you set up all of your items, organize them into various sections for each room. This will help you to keep everything in a pile and stay organized even during the chaotic period of relocating to a new house. Organizing by room will also help your visitors to shop more easily and have more fun at your sale.
  3. Spread the word – People love yard sales, and finding hidden treasures can be an adventure for many. Still, those people will not come if they are unaware of where and when you are open for business. Advertise in the newspaper, online and with your friends so that you can have a great turnout.
  4. Price your items fairly – While people want to get a good deal, your items are still worth money. Putting prices on items starts the negotiation of each piece you are selling and can help you to get what you deserve out of your old stuff. Consider the price you paid for it when deciding how much to charge.
  5. Donate what is not sold – Instead of bringing your extra belongings with you to your next home, donate them to charity. This will allow you to downsize and will also help you leave a good imprint on your community. If you have children, encourage them to donate a few toys, too.

When you are ready to start packing and downsizing, bring your friends and family together for a day of fun and moneymaking. With your yard sale, you can bring in some extra cash for your old items and get rid of the stuff you no longer will need in your new house.