5 things to consider when hiring a solicitor

So, you are looking for a lawyer to represent you. There may be many reasons why you might want to use a lawyer: perhaps you have suffered personal injury because of:

An accident at work road traffic accident clinical negligence (where a health professional has made a mistake that causes you pain and suffering). industrial diseases that you develop through your work, such as asbestosis.

Or, you might need a lawyer service that specializes in employment law – who can help you with: unfair dismissal claims settlement agreement (where you arrange how the work will end). discrimination claims

No matter what the legal problem, sourcing the right lawyer is very important to successfully resolve the problem. But how do you find the right lawyer for you?

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1. Recommendations from friends and family are not the last word

Whilst information and advice from people you know and respect are always handy when deciding on who to choose for your legal representation, you must ensure that every company recommended to you has legal experts in the field of law that are relevant to your legal issues. If not, then you don’t have to follow the recommendations.

2. Larger companies do not always mean better companies

Just because a company has many lawyers working for them, and a huge advertising budget, doesn’t automatically make them the right company for you.

3. You don’t always have to choose a company that is local to you, or to your place of business

Years ago, if you had a legal problem that needed a law firm, many people would choose firms based near them. As the only way to communicate with your lawyer was to write and receive letters, call them from a landline, or actually make an appointment to go to office, choosing a local lawyer was a wise choice in many cases. Of course, there is nothing wrong in choosing to involve local lawyers (provided they meet other requirements) For a firm of Manchester Solicitors, contact https://bridgelawsolicitors.co.uk/offices/wilmslow-manchester/

4. Check online reviews

When deciding which restaurant to go to, which hotel to go to, which Amazon book to buy, most of us depend on online reviews. Of course, not all online reviews – good and bad – are always fair, but usually inauthentic reviews are easier to recognise.

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5. Finally, go with your instincts …

How do companies respond to your questions?

Are they polite, pleasant and friendly, while displaying confidence and professionalism?

Who will handle your case if you give instructions to the company? Talking to them can be a useful basis for instinctive impressions.

Also remember that you have the right to choose the law firm that you want to act for you. You don’t have to use any company that might have been ‘assigned’ to you – maybe by an insurance company, car rental company, garage, trade union, or any other organization. That is your choice.