5 Parking Lot Car Door Dent and Ding Prevention Tips

Parking your car can be a like a battle zone – you end up leaving the garage with dings, scrapes and an all around battered car. Eventually, these little scrapes and dings can wind up affecting the resale value of your vehicle, which is never a good thing. If you are leasing your vehicle, having all this damage could come out of your pocket if you don’t have comprehensive coverage. This is why you have to learn some defensive parking methods. When it comes to¬†parking lot safety, there are a lot of obvious things you can do, but many of us don’t even think about them – we just want to get our car into a spot and then go on with our day. Here are five parking lot car door dent and ding prevention tips.

  1. Don’t park too close to other cars. This is an obvious one, but sometimes people still don’t get the hint. If you don’t want your doors to get dinged up, you want to find a spot that you can actually fit in. Not only will you risk other cars denting your doors, but you may also encourage revengeful drivers who may key your vehicle.
  2. Park in a space designated for the size of your car. These days, they have parking for a wide range of vehicle sizes – from ultra compact to truck-size. So, make sure that you find a spot for your vehicle’s specific size. If you have a smaller car, the last thing you want is to park in a spot that is too big, because large vehicles could end up damaging your vehicle. If you have a large truck, you don’t want to park in a space that is meant for smaller cars.
  3. Use a specialized bumper protector for when you park. There are some amazing bumper protectors that you can temporarily fit onto your vehicle. These bumpers fit right onto your vehicle via a little clasp that you fit inside your trunk. These bumpers can protect your rear bumper – and even your front bumper – from major damages. When it comes to scrapes and dents in your bumper, they are often extremely difficult to remove, so you want to avoid these damages at all costs.
  4. Park in a specialized airport parking lot when you go out of town. For instance, OneStop Parking offers some amazing parking facilities for when you are going on holiday or even a business trip. If you need to leave your car someplace for a few days, you want to know it is in safe hands. The facility should also be well lit and have plenty of security measures because you don’t want to worry about your vehicle when you are away.
  5. Look out for cars when you pull out of your spot. It can be very easy to get into a small collision when you pull out of your spot, especially if other drivers aren’t looking. If you have someone with you, it may be smart to have that person guide you out. In the end, you never can be too careful.