5 hot trends that will help digital marketers this year

In the always-evolving marketing industry, it is important to be aware of new developments and emerging trends to get ahead and make the biggest positive impact for every client.

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Hyper-relevant and personal content

Connecting with an audience on a personal level is vital, with all the information you need available through gaining a deeper understanding of customer data. A prime example of personal content can be seen in Spotify’s final campaign of 2016, whereby the creative team used data to create a series of humorous and emotional graphics. This campaign both connected with individuals and went viral, proving that you do not have to choose between personal and virality – you can achieve both.

Live streams

Content is plentiful and it is becoming more important to talk about what is going on exactly when it is happening. From a consumer perspective, knowing that you need to watch something immediately because you will never be able to see it again is very enticing. 2017 is almost certainly going to be the year that somebody makes something exciting in real time.

Go mobile

Your primary consideration should be towards mobile campaigns. Closely consider formats and messages and how these connect with the mind-set of your audience. Analytics technology now means that the success of each mobile campaign can be measured. If you did not fully connect the first time, adjust your strategy and try again. If you have fully understood the importance of mobile thus far – like every successful Dublin SEO agency, such as http://www.rycomarketing.ie/ – it is vital not to start overlooking it in favour of other new technologies throughout 2017.

Online TV

Accessing the internet on a big screen TV is easier than ever before thanks to modern technology. This has opened up the playing field, with even small companies able to quickly launch a successful TV channel. With social media sites creating apps allowing users to put videos from their platform onto the TV, and Apple TV launching shoppable videos, this is an exciting medium to explore.

Telepathic thinking

Marketing is set to get ultra-personal; it will appear to know exactly what we are thinking. Using data to deliver personalised advertising, appealing to an individual’s views and personality type, is undoubtedly the way forward.