10 essential items for every classroom

Every infant and primary school teacher knows that budgets are tight in the classroom, and not every school will supply all the items that you might need. As we move into the summer term, it is a good idea to make a list of the most useful items for the classroom.

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Why not plan ahead for the autumn term too, to ensure that you put in requests for all of the essentials?

You may not mind dipping into your own funds for pens and pencils, but most teachers would hesitate to supply their own magnetic dry wipe boards for schools.

Here is a list of 10 essential classroom resources that you really should not run out of:

1. Felt tip pens and sharpies in bright colours

It is impossible to imagine any primary school lesson which does not involve getting creative with pens. Make sure you also have some good spray cleaner for wiping desks afterwards.

2. A box of tissues

These are essential for those runny noses and moments when children are feeling fragile and tearful.

3. Storage files and magazine boxes

You need to have an efficient storage system for keeping children’s work easy to find and in good condition.

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4. Velcro dots and sticky tac

For fixing up posters and artwork.

5. Crayons and coloured pencils

For creative children, these are much better than felt-tip pens, as they allow for shading and variations in colour; for the artistic children in your class, they are essential, and also last longer than pens.

6. Scissors

You need a box of small, safe scissors suitable for small hands, and something sturdier for use by teacher and the teaching assistant, to make life easier.

7. Books

An essential part of any classroom. If you are lucky enough to have a school library, make use of it. For ideas for using literature, getting free books and celebrating World Book Day, see https://www.worldbookday.com/resources/primary/.

8. Portable whiteboards
These are so useful in the primary classroom for flexible working. They can be purchased from https://wedgewhiteboards.co.uk/.

9. Stationery and note cards for writing thank you notes to parents

If you get parents on your side, you may find you have willing volunteers when you need them for events and trips.

10. Glue sticks

Great for classroom papercraft projects.