Potential Problems when Selling your Home

Because of the stamp duty holiday announced by the chancellor in July, the UK property market is currently having a bit of a boom. Buyers who are keen to take advantage of the break from paying stamp duty are deciding that now is the time to buy, and because of this a flurry of people are also going to have a home to sell.

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If you would like to move soon and are going to be putting your home on the market, here are some of the main problems that a home could have that will deter buyers, so if you do have any of these, get them sorted before you go ahead with trying to sell your house…

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Damp – Damp is a common problem in lots of homes, but left unchecked it can run riot, and is a definite red flag to potential buyers who will be worried about the extent of the damage that will need to be repaired. It is most common in areas of the home with poor ventilation where water is abundant such as the bathroom, but this doesn’t mean that is the only place it can be found.

Drainage Problems – If you have a problem with your drains it is likely that the bad smell emanating from them will give it away. It may be something as simple as food clogging your kitchen sink which is easily rectified yourself, but if it is something further along the pipes or in an exterior drain find a company who specialises in blocked drains Bristol company https://www.amsdrains.co.uk/ can help you to put this right.