How to insulate doors and windows

The best used energy is the one that is not spent. Saving energy, conserving heat inside the house, is the most important thing in the dates when night frosts begin.

Check and isolate all  windows and doors, check that they do not have drafts, that the crystals are not loose, it is vital to keep the ideal temperature in the home.

To locate before the imminent cold, the points where the heat escapes and that cold knife enters, is essential for saving and for comfort. Doors, windows and shutters have to be checked and retouched.

Check what gaps exist. Sliding windows are less watertight than swinging windows. The most usual is to use adhesive rubber tape, which has a mattress that is pressed when closing the window, cutting off the possibility of air passage. It is almost hermetic and very well preserved.

The most resistant materials are silicone and vinyl. When the windows are made of wood, it is advisable to sand the wood a little before applying anything, such as the adhesive tape. For places that will not open, silicone is prefect and very easy to apply.

Something we do not usually do is check that the windows are not loose. Over time, the putty that holds them to the wood is cracking and peeling, so that the glass can have a slight slack, with mere millimeters the air can enter and make the slit each time is larger.

In the case where the windows are made of PVC or metal, it is necessary to check the rubbers that close by joining the frame with the window, with time and water they wear out and get stung.

One of the solutions is to install weatherstripping, they are plastic can be stuck or nailed if it is wood, with small nails. There is a weatherstrip, the most used, which is a self-adhesive foam rubber. These are rolls with a protective paper, very easy to install, you just have to stick it on the frame and the window will close perfectly.

Silicones are recommended for details or breaks, they are very easy to use and seal securely. This is DIY, a way to fix your home, without incurring large expenses, fun, easy and safe. Becoming a handyman is not difficult, it’s just a matter of putting yourself. Luck!