Developing a Brownfield Site

One of the most difficult parts of building – whether you want to build a single home, a commercial property, or a whole estate – is finding a plot of land to build on. Land in the UK can be quite scarce in some areas, as well as being considerably expensive.

One of the ways that people are finding that they can purchase some suitable land is by using brownfield land – but what is it?

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Brownfield land is basically land that was once used industrially – it could be a factory that no longer is used, or an old petrol station. Land that was used in an industrial capacity is what is classed as brownfield land.

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Brownfield land is a good way to get yourself a plot of land, but it does come with a few complications that you wouldn’t find with a normal plot. Here are a few of the things that you will need to watch out for if you are considering building on a brownfield site…


Because of the nature of the lands history you will probably need to find a company like Soilfix who will provide land remediation services. This means that the land will be cleared of anything dangerous like asbestos, or contamination in the land to make it safe for the builders to build on.


Planners do like brownfield development, but there are often more hoops to jump through as the surrounding area is more built up usually, so you have more people to try to please before planning permission is granted!