The mountain races or trail running, closer to being an Olympic sport

Some time ago we told you that the next Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020 will have five new sports : baseball and softball, skateboarding, surfing, sport climbing and karate . At the moment these five sports will only be in the games of the Japanese capital, without obligation to keep them for the next venues.

But for upcoming Olympic events we could count on new sports: a motion in the Canary Islands calls for trail running or mountain races to become an Olympic sport in years to come, and they want to begin negotiations with the International Olympic Committee. With the great growth experienced by trail running in recent years, will it be an Olympic sport soon?

In November 2015 the trail running or mountain racing became recognized as an official form of athletics , alongside other modalities known as relay races or hurdle races. From that moment on their competitions became regulated by the International Athletics Federation (IAAF).

The truth is that trail running has undergone a spectacular growth in recent years , as shown by the latest report of the Trail Running International Association (ITRA) : with the rise of the city running, many of the runners both novice and veterans, They have been encouraged to try new sensations running down the mountain . And it is that running on the mountain, in addition to large slopes and different terrains, offers us the possibility of running on roads not overcrowded and enjoy nature while practicing sports.

The requirements to become an Olympic sport

What requirements must a sport meet to become Olympic? These requirements are included in the Olympic Charter , a code of five chapters and 61 articles that govern the organization, action and operation of the Olympic Movement and that you can consult in this link .

The conditions for a sport to be considered as Olympic are listed in article 47 of chapter 4, and are the following:

1.1 only widely practiced sports in a minimum of seventy-five countries and four continents by men, and in a minimum of forty countries and three continents by women may be enrolled in the program of the Games of the Olympiad ;

1.2 only widely practiced sports in a minimum of twenty – five countries and three continents may be enrolled in the program of the Olympic Winter Games ;

1.3 only sports that have adopted and apply the world anti-doping codemay register and remain in the program of the Olympic Games;

1.4 sports are admitted to the program of the Olympic Games at least seven years before the Olympic Games in question , for which no further modification will be authorized, notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 6 below

The joint work of the national and international federations will be key when it comes to making it possible to see a trail running competition in the Olympic Games . With the great quarry of runners that we have in Spain, starting with Luis Alberto Hernando, world champion of trail running in 2016 and 2017 , we would love to see them competing in a Games.