Allergy to be boss and the responsibilities that the position entails

Not everyone thinks that being a boss is a bargain. Although it seems eccentric in a society where entrepreneurship has been the star alternative during the economic crisis , where CEO pronounces and reads in any meeting worthy among millennials, or manage your project is sold as one of the seven wonders.

The reality is that young people either want to be employees or employees but with a schedule that allows them to live, I must add that young people and younger want the same. Being a boss involves a stress and responsibility for which only a few are prepared.

Reasons not to want to be your own boss

Reality is far from what they sell us as being the CEO of the company. Little is said about stress, responsibility, the fact of never disconnecting from work and, above all, the lack of free time to enjoy leisure.

1. Less mobility. Only 13% of Spanish companies are prepared for teleworking. Management positions have less possibilities of mobility: the more responsibility, the harder it is to make the decision to leave a job.

2. The economic benefits are relative . Being a boss is noted on the payroll (and not always if you are self-employed) but can money buy happiness? The money pays the bills and to some extent allows whims, but if to achieve that level the price to pay is your health, it is obvious that young people do not want to be bosses.

It is not wealth or splendor, but tranquility and occupation that gives you happiness (Thomas Jefferson)

Would you be able to refuse a promotion?

It is logical when you surrender in your work, you like it, you surrender in body and soul that the dreaded day arrives, feared for those who do not want to send or make big decisions. A superior decides that you deserve more. And that gift goes hand in hand with a promotion.

At that moment, you start to tremble because what you least want in the world is to be above your companions, charge something more but not enough to change your life. What to say in that fateful moment for you?

1. Focus your response in a positive way , focus your attention towards your desires. It is about explaining that within your plans and professional evolution there are other different goals, so that your refusal does not have adverse consequences.

2. Make clear your refusal . Clarify that your rejection is towards the position they offer you but not to any other position of responsibility that could be of your interest is important.

There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to be a boss

Lack of ambition? I remember that’s what they thought most of my father. And it was not like that. He liked to finish his day and make pineapple with his companions. I would not have been a good boss, because to be a boss, you have to make decisions that can negatively affect your friends / colleagues.

Bearer of bad news, denying applications and firing people is part of being a business leader. There can be negative repercussions in these decisions that a leader must know how to navigate to maintain his authority, and not all of us have been born to be leaders.

Not everyone is prepared to be the target of corridor rumors that can be annoying and frustrating.

Also, when a business fails or a team is defrauded, the fault always falls on the manager. Even if the decision or effort of the employees was not necessary, the leadership is responsible for all the actions of the company.

This does not mean that being a CEO does not have its advantages or that it is a horrible place, but simply the role of ‘boss’ is not everyone’s dream. As you trace your professional career, consider what kind of position is ultimately the right one for you , it would be a good idea.